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written by Babydoll

  I had been saving all year to get my first apartment. I figured since I had just turned 21 it was time for me to break away from Mommy’s nest and spread my wings. It had taken several weeks of timeless apartment searching for me to find my ideal place. It was a spacious one bedroom overlooking the Hudson River. It wasn’t the white picket fenced house of my dreams but it would have to be good enough until I finished school.

I remember the day I moved in like it was yesterday. It was a steamy summer’s day and my two friends and I had spent most of the day packing boxes and loading them onto the truck. The guys that we had hired to help us with the move had cancelled at the last minute so it’s was up to us three sistas to get the job done.

            Usually I always try to look sexy and wear tight skirts that accentuate my 60inch fat ass and my hair is always proper, but today I definitely was dressed for a rough days work. I had thrown on some tight cut up denim shorts that stopped right below my butt cheeks, a white cotton tee shirt that I pulled tight across my breast and tied in a knot a few inches above my waist. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail and whatever curl that it may have had disappeared due to the intense heat and humidity. If I had known that I would have been meeting Kareem I would have most certainly tried to wear something better fit for a first impression. 

            After four hours of packing and two hours of driving we had finally pulled up in front of my new place. Luckily it was a ramp leading to the entranceway so we at least wouldn’t have any stairs to battle. As we were unloading the truck the sun was beating down on us and I could feel the sweat begin trickling down my back and seeping and gathering in between the crevices of my cleavage. My thick caramel thighs and calves glistened with sweat and stuck together from the warmth between my inner thighs. My body ached but we were almost finished so I refused to take a break.

            My friends had gone upstairs with the last few crates and boxes and I was left with my two night tables that we had positioned on the dolly. As I was bending over fastening the clasp across the furniture to the back of the dolly I could feel some ones presence behind me. I turned around while still bent over and noticed this tall fine ass chocolate man standing behind me. I knew he was looking at my ass and I could feel the crotch of my shorts pulling between the lips of my pussy and I continued to bend over the dolly. The bottom portion of each of my ass cheeks were peeking out from under the shorts and I knew my panties were probably showing.   I felt so naked with his eyes on me. I sensed him undressing me with his eyes and imagining me in this same position fucking me from behind. As much as I enjoy men craving and staring at my sensuous curves I was probably blocking the doorway so I stood up and moved out of his way.

            At my first glance at this man I noticed how sexy he was. He stood about 6ft tall and was probably about 230lbs. He was a dark caramel complexion with long brown dread locks that he pulled back with a rubber band. His eyes were dark like pure onyx and with one stare into them I could imagine those sexy eyes glaring up at me from in between my legs. I tried not to let my glances probe below his waist but although he had on baggy jeans I could see that my fat ass bending over in front of him had really turned him on. He was fully erect and it appeared that this brotha had at least 9-10 inches that I would love to cum all over.

            He introduced himself to me. His name was Kareem and he lived in the apartment directly underneath mine. We conversed for a few minutes about trivial subjects like the building and stores in the area. We both wanted each other but yet we teased our minds by avoiding the subject. Time must have flown by because my friends had come back downstairs and were going home to change their clothes. After a few more words and several erotic exchanged glances Kareem helped me upstairs with the dolly. He wheeled it inside and came back outside to head downstairs. As he walked passed me he brushed up against my breast and my nipples immediately hardened and pressed up against my wet sweaty tee shirt. I could feel my pussy begin to moisten and the juices run down my lips and settle into my cotton panties. I tried to squeeze my thighs together to stop my clit from throbbing but I got lost in the moment. I could imagine Kareem’s dreads caressing my inner thighs as he ate my wet pussy, my hands pushing his face deeper into my creamy cunt. In the midst of my vision the doorbell rang and my friends had returned from changing. We were going out clubbing to celebrate my new place.

            Kareem left and I started to get dressed for our night on the town. I tried to get this man off my mind but even while in the shower I envisioned him opening my legs and putting that big black dick in my tight pussy. Him squeezing my waist and pushing himself deeper inside my now gaping hole. Each drop of the water made me wish it were his cum dripping all over me, soaking my nipples and splattering across my fat ass cheeks.

            I felt extremely daring and sexy that night so I decided to wear something revealing. I sorted through my boxes and found my tight little pink pat n –leather skirt set and my high-heeled pink sandals. It felt so good sliding the skirt up my huge thighs and feeling it ripple as I pulled it up past my protruding derrière. I pulled the waistline a bit below my waist for the hip-hugging look and to show off my matching hot pink thongs. The top zipped up the front and I left it open a few inches so my cleavage would bubble out the top a little.

            The entire night at the club thoughts of Kareem darted in and out of my mind. We partied and drank till about 2am and then I decided to go home. It was just my luck that the damn elevator wasn’t working. After waiting in my building lobby for about 20 minutes I started to walk up the stairs. I stumbled a little from all that I had been drinking. My apartment was on the fourth floor and Kareem’s was on the third. As I came up on the third floor I thought about knocking on his door…but I felt too nervous. It was something about him that made me feel extremely submissive and at his mercy. I started heading up the stairs to go past his floor and up to mine …when I heard his door creep open…not all the way but in a sneaky sort of voyeuristic way. He whispered through the door “Why don’t you strip for me?”….

I asked him to repeat himself and he said it again but this time he opened the door wider and came into the hallway. He stood in his doorway with some fitted spandex navy boxers on with his arms folded across his muscular chest. His hair was hanging loosely over his shoulders and back. He looked fucking gorgeous. I at first thought he was trying to be funny but the serious lustful look on his face told me otherwise. I couldn’t believe I was actually contemplating his request. He reached in his boxers and slowly pulled out his huge black dick and started stroking it while intently staring at me. Seeing him touch himself knowing he craved me really turned me on.  If he wanted a show then that was exactly what I was gonna give him.

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